maripos lily
~Calochortus apricultus~
Mariposa Lily Wildflowers are one of the more common wildflowers of Glacier National Park

The maripos lily is one of those little gems found
while hiking in Glacier National Park.

bear grass

Mariposa Lily blooms in late spring, early summer in NorthWest Montana. In the Missoula area blooms late May in the foothills.

Mariposa Lily grows along the Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park and on the edge of many hiking trails within the park. Blooming on the Otokomi Trail in Glacier National Park as of 7-16-11.

"Calochortus apricultus: "A perennial herb, 4-20" (10-50 cm) tall with three creamy white petals and one or few basal leaves, rises from a small deeply buried bulb." NRNHG

Flowers: "Three broad petals with pointed tips at the base. Creamy white but sometimes purplish tinged. Each petal has white and yellow hairs on the lower portion and a dark, round, purplish nectar gland towards its base. Three sepals are green and shorter than the petals. Anthers have a pointed tip." NRNHG

The best wildflower guide that I use is

Northern Rocky Mountain Wildflowers (Falcon Guides Wildflowers).